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What is Energy Harvesting?

"The term 'energy harvesting' has been used to encapsulate a broad array of technologies, from MEMS-scale devices generating energy from small mechanical vibrations, to large-scale off-shore wind farms and solar-PV installations. In one sentence, what do you consider the term 'energy harvesting' to mean?"

Thread created by Geoff Merrett on 04 Nov 2010

The EH Network Steering Board have defined this as 'generating electricity that is used at the point of generation'.

Message posted by Geoff Merrett on 04 Nov 2010.
"used at the point of generation"? Then how about a conventional power plant installation that uses the power it generates? Also, power harvested by an energy harvester might be stored and transferred to an alternative point before being used. Does that render the generation technique not "energy harvesting"? In my arrogant opinion, the "decentralised generation" aspect of energy harvesting is its defining characteristics.

Message posted by on 28 Jan 2011.
I know this isn't a sufficient definition, but in many cases you could say that it's energy harvesting if 10 mW gets you pretty excited . . .

Message posted by Dr Martin Judd on 11 Feb 2011.
I have just seen on http://www.youtube.com/user/IDTechEx1#p/u/1/YeQGT3BTIW8 that IDTechEx define Energy Harvesting as 'the use of ambient energy to power small electronic or electrical devices'.

Message posted by Geoff Merrett on 15 Feb 2011.


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