EPSRC Energy Harvesting Network

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Membership of this network is open to all with an interest in the development or application of energy harvesting technologies. To join, please click the button below to enter the registration process.

Statement on data privacy

The details that you provide during the registration process will be stored on our webserver at the University of Southampton. This information will be used to occasionally contact you with information that we believe is of interest to you (according to the contact preferences that you select during registration). Regardless of the contact preferences you select, you will be contacted via email to remind you of your password (if it is requested), provide confirmation of your registration, and to notify you when any resources that you have contributed are published on the website.

During registration, you can also choose to make your details appear on the profile pages of the Network's website. If you select this, you are consenting for any details you submit to be publicly shown on the website (with the exception of your email address and phone number, which you can request to be hidden during the registration process). Any information that is provided on your Company (i.e. name, department, address, sector, website and description) are automatically made publicly available on the website, and cannot be hidden.

Whenever you provide your password on the website, it is transmitted across the Internet using plain text. However, it is stored in encrypted form on our servers.
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