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High Frequency Diagnostics & Engineering Ltd

Address: 11 Somerset Place, Glasgow G3 7JT, UK
URL: www.hfde.co.uk

High Frequency Diagnostics & Engineering (HFDE) Ltd is a contracting and consultancy business that works in partnership with companies and universities to maximise the impact of R&D outputs by utilising them in new technologies and applications. The company’s focus is particularly on high voltage (HV) condition monitoring and diagnostics. Services that HFDE provides include:
- Consultancy on electromagnetic energy harvesting for autonomous sensors, wireless power transfer, electromagnetic modelling / calculations & radio frequency metrology
- Design of mechanical components & assemblies for manufacture / production, including preparation of technical drawings
- Project management, technology evaluations & literature reviews
- Development and delivery of specialist training materials
- Design & operation of HV test equipment including development / implementation of safe operating procedures & risk assessments
- Prototyping & optimisation of sensors for partial discharge (PD) detection
- Design and implementation of high voltage PD test facilities
- PD testing of small-to-medium size HV components

Dr Martin Judd

Position: Technical Director
E-Mail: m.judd [AT] hfde.co.uk

Related Projects

Relevant Publications
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Dr Martin Judd, John Fitch (National Grid), (2009) Development of magnetic induction energy harvesting for condition monitoring. In: Proc. 44th Int. Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2009), Glasgow, UK, September 2009.

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