EPSRC Energy Harvesting Network

Human Motion - Head


Energy Source: Vibration
Application: Human
Specific Location: Side of head
Data Duration: 07m 43s
Data Frequency: 2048 Hz

Abstract: The volunteer is average height and average weight (180 cm and 82 kg). The data logger was tied to the body using self-adhesive support bandage (7 cm wide, 4 m long) rolled on under tension. The tests were carried out on one of the University gym's treadmills at three distinct speed settings: slow walk (1 kph), normal walk (3.5 kph), and light jogging (6.5 kph). Data was recorded for approximately 2 minutes at each speed. Potential limitations of the tests include the suspension system of the treadmill, the architectural design of the floor of the gym (allowed to move slightly), and the vibration caused by nearby runners. The tests were carried out in a quiet period, when the usage of the gym equipment was low. The data streams are included in .mat file, titled with the location of each data segments. There are 7 columns of data that represent: time (in seconds), x-axis raw data (in mV), y-axis raw data (in mV), z-axis raw data (in mV), x-axis acceleration (in g), y-axis acceleration (in g), and z-axis acceleration (in g). Started at 2.5 kph then slowed to 1 kph, logging for two minutes at this speed. Stepping up to 3.5 kph, two minutes logged at this speed (around 20 - 25 seconds in between 'useful' data sections while adjusting speed). Next speed is at 6.5 kph, again, two minutes at this speed. Features: a) 1 kph: 44 - 176 seconds b) 3.5 kph: 186 - 310 s c) 6.5 kph: 328 - 460 s

Acknowledgement: If you use this data, please:
  • acknowledge 'University of Bristol/University of Southampton, "Next Generation Energy-Harvesting Electronics: Holistic Approach" [online]. Available: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/',
  • specify that the data was "Downloaded via The EH Network Data Repository (http://eh-network.org/data)".
Link to Data: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/data/human_head/data.zip
Link to Further Information and Analysis: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/data/human_head/data.php

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