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Clifton Suspension Bridge - Location 06


Energy Source: Vibration
Application: Bridge
Specific Location: At the quarter length of the suspended bridge segment, logger is positioned on the metal support connecting the lower railing and to the chains
Data Duration: 03m 33s
Data Frequency: 2048 Hz

Abstract: The data was collected from 10 locations on the suspended segment of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The suspended segment is in no contact with the land and the relative displacement between the ends of this section to the fixed pillars is visible, in excess of 10 mm. Generally, the vibration observed occurs in relatively short (few seconds) of transients as an effect of the cars passing by as well as entering and leaving the bridge segment. The peak acceleration levels are fairly small, in the region of 50-250 mg, depending on the location. In the frequency spectrum, there seem to be a main peak around 15 Hz, a slightly lower peak in the region of 38-40 Hz. There are some small local maxima at higher frequencies, in the region of 200 Hz as well but these are significantly less than the low frequency components. As the vibrations are not sustained by exponentially decay in time, the magnitude of these peaks vary. The maximum amplitudes are in the region of 10-50 mg depending on the location. The vibration magnitudes appear to be smallest in the middle of the suspended bridge segment and largest closest to the ends. The smaller metal structures, such as the metal cables connecting the lower railing (the ones support the road surface) to the chains, or the protective mesh along the sidewalk could potentially offer better energy harvesting locations.

Acknowledgement: If you use this data, please:
  • acknowledge 'University of Bristol/University of Southampton, "Next Generation Energy-Harvesting Electronics: Holistic Approach" [online]. Available: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/',
  • specify that the data was "Downloaded via The EH Network Data Repository (http://eh-network.org/data)".
Link to Data: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/data/suspension_06/data.zip
Link to Further Information and Analysis: http://www.holistic.ecs.soton.ac.uk/data/suspension_06/data.php
YouTube Video of FFT: http://youtu.be/zXj2P9mnA-M

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