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Newcastle University (School of EECE)

URL: http://www.ncl.ac.uk

Abdullah Baz

Position: PhD student
E-Mail: abdullah.baz [AT] ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 07944525660

Alton Horsfall

Position: Reader in Semiconductor Technology
E-Mail: alton.horsfall [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Nick Wright

Position: Professor of Electronic Materials
E-Mail: n.g.wright [AT] ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 01912227701

Professor Nick Wright joined University of Newcastle in 1994. He previously completed both his undergraduate and PhD qualifications at Edinburgh University where he worked on the characterisation of a wide range of semiconducting materials using x-ray techniques. At Newcastle, Prof. Wright has worked on a number of projects in the area of semiconductor devices and technology. In recent years, Prof. Wright has concentrated on SiC technology and has led the Ascent Program �¢ï¿½ï¿½ a large multi-partner program funded jointly by EPSRC and Industry. Since 2003, Prof Wright has been the leader of the SiC Platform Grant at Newcastle which has concentrated on establishing both novel technologies for SiC and new international collaborations. In 2003, Prof. Wright became an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow with a program of research into SiC devices and related technologies. Over this period, Prof. Wright has given a number of invited presentations around the world and is a member of the International Steering Committee for the European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials.


Position: PhD student
E-Mail: reza.ramezani [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Simon Barker

Position: PhD Student
E-Mail: simon.barker [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Terrence Mak

Position: Lecturer
E-Mail: terrencemak [AT] gmail.com


Position: Professor
E-Mail: alex.yakovlev [AT] ncl.ac.uk

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