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TRW Conekt

Address: Stratford Road, Solihull, B90 4GW
URL: www.conekt.net

TRW Conekt is an Engineering Consulting and Services business located in Solihull in the West Midlands. It can trace its origins to the Lucas Industries Research Centre and has over 50 years experience of providing advanced product development, applications engineering and validation services. Today, Conekt provides high value services to its parent company and to leading organisations in the automotive, defence, aerospace and industrial sectors.
Conekt has core technical competences in the design of electronic control systems, safety engineering, actuation, real-time software design and sensing technology. Conekt also operates an in-house UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory [No. 0332] which provides a range of test and validation services and as well a prototyping workshop. Most of the members of Conekt’s 100-strong technical team are graduate scientists and engineers and many hold postgraduate qualifications.
Projects undertaken by Conekt range from small forensic investigations to major product design and validation activities, with contract values ranging between £500 and £500,000. Many of the larger projects delivered by Conekt involve the development of advanced technology. Currently, Conekt is engaged in a number of Technology Strategy Board and Framework 7 projects including ‘WiTNESSS’, a project to research and de-risk wireless data transmission technology for aerospace applications, ‘ViewNet’, in which Conekt is developing an embedded solution for visual localisation and mapping and data fusion algorithms, and ‘Smart RRS’, a project to develop intelligent road restraint systems. Future commercial exploitation of these R&D projects will require robust, reliable energy harvesting systems and hence Conekt is pleased to support the Energy Harvesting Network.

Roger Hazelden

Position: Technology Leader
E-Mail: roger.hazelden [AT] trw.com
Telephone: 0121 627 3217

Roger Hazelden is Technology Leader for Sensors & Optoelectronics at TRW Conekt, the Solihull-based technology and engineering consultancy business of TRW Automotive. A Cambridge University graduate and a Chartered Physicist, he leads Conekt’s team of sensor technologists. Roger is also a key member of Conekt’s business development team, particularly focussing on the aerospace sector and also government-funded collaborative projects, and he has been a member of the HMaP NTC since its inception.
He spent several years working for a major cable company developing telecom fibre-optic test equipment before joining the former Lucas Research Centre (now TRW Conekt). Roger has over 20 years of experience in solving sensing and measurement problems for Conekt’s clients in the aerospace, automotive, defence and intelligent transport sectors, often exploiting cross-sector technology transfer. His group at Conekt specialises in making measurements within hostile and “difficult” environments as well as the related issues of sensor signal conditioning, robust electronics and wired or wireless data transmission. He is author or co-author of more than 20 papers and 15 patents

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