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JSW Consulting, LLC

Engineer with 15 years designing and implementing piezoelectric ceramics into hard disk drives (HDD) at Seagate Technology. Developed the worlds first HDD dual-stage microactuator working with design centers, suppliers and factories. Designed and implemented a quality control strategy at suppliers and facories. DEsigned reliability test SOPs that accurately predicted reliability with 8 yearts of field results. email: jsw0710@gmail.com

John S Wright

Position: President
E-Mail: jsw0710 [AT] gmail.com
Telephone: 612.770.5179

I have a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota and 15 years experience at Seagate Technology in the Advanced Recording head Development, Supplier Engineering and Advanced Mechanical Technology groups performing advanced product development. My last position at Seagate was as Sr. Staff Development Engineer and I worked on identifying technology, initiating projects and leading cross-functional teams to address gaps in the product roadmap 3-5 years from production. I was the recognized expert in piezoelectric materials and secondary micro-actuators at Seagate, which currently are incorporated in over 50% of our shipping products, and are plan of record on over 90% of our future products.
As part of my responsibility for piezoelectric micro-actuators for fine tracking control of the recording head, I developed and implemented quality assurance strategies across our supply chain, at our design centers and in our factories. I performed the evaluation of materials from suppliers, identified critical to quality (CTQ) specifications, and helped develop processes to meet those CTQ�¢ï¿½ï¿½s. I have developed metrology for testing micro-actuators relying heavily on Labview to control electrical measurement instruments. I also instrumented an 8-channel spin-stand test system using National Instruments DAQ boards, with Labview controlling function generators, amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers and digital multimeters and collecting data from laser doppler vibrometers, commercial acoustic emission sensors and other proprietary sensors.
In addition to my responsibilities for micro-actuators I have led cross-functional teams developing MEMS sensors based on Seagate�¢ï¿½ï¿½s core magnetic sensor technology, incorporating head-disk contact sense technology into drives and media testers, and have driven numerous development projects at our suppliers.

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