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Capita Symonds (Energy & Sustainable Engineering Design)

Address: 1 Procter Street, London, WC1V 6DW
URL: http://www.capitasymonds.co.uk/

Capita Symonds is one of the UK’s largest, multifaceted consultancies delivering property and infrastructure projects on a local, national and international scale.

We deliver a comprehensive service to clients across their portfolio through an unrivalled scope of services and a unique blend of professional and technical expertise

Dr Yianni Spanos

Position: Associate Director
URL: www.capitasymonds.co.uk/
E-Mail: yianni.spanos [AT] capita.co.uk

-- Chartered Energy Engineer & possesses 10 years experience in research, low energy building services engineering design and smart solutions
-- 14 peer-reviewed research publications in the field of low energy & renewable technologies and designs. Articles published in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier), the International Journal of Renewable Energy and in the proceedings of the IX and X World Renewable Energy Congresses.
-- Experience includes: qualitative & quantitative studies, financial modelling of low carbon solutions, engineering strategies for various sectors, building regulations and codes compliance studies, design and assessment of sustainable bespoke low energy solutions, advanced modelling and simulation of bespoke energy designs, computational fluid dynamic modelling, laboratory assessment of bespoke solutions and work experience with national and international environmental management systems.
-- Building Performance Evaluators Register (2011) for the TSB / Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network competition
-- Senior Capita Symonds Consultant in the "Carbon Trust Framework for Technical Consultancy of Low Carbon Buildings"
-- Projects experience within commercial, education, health-care, mixed use, office, regeneration and residential sectors.
-- Particular experience in: Advanced simulation and modelling, Bespoke Low energy engineering design, Computational fluid dynamic (CFD), District energy networks, Energy masterplanning for large developments, Environmental Assessment & Management systems, Financial modelling of low carbon solutions, Laboratory assessment of bespoke solutions, Qualitative & quantitative studies.

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