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Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences brings together the excellent teaching and research of these complementary specialisms. Our collegiality facilitates a truly interdisciplinary approach to scientific innovation and learning.

David Pritchard

Position: PhD research student
E-Mail: dp382 [AT] exeter.ac.uk
Telephone: 07546144361

Dibin Zhu

Position: Lecturer
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/dibinzhu/
E-Mail: D.Zhu [AT] exeter.ac.uk

Dr Dibin Zhu is a Lecturer in the Energy Harvesting Research Group at Exeter. He received BEng in Information and Control Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, in 2004. He joined the University of Southampton in October 2004 where he was awarded MSc in RF Communication Systems in 2005 and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2009, respectively. His PhD topic was "Methods of frequency tuning vibration-based micro-generators". After obtaining his PhD, he had worked as a Research Fellow and later a Senior Research Fellow in Electronics and Electrical Engineering Group in the University of Southampton for over six years. He then worked at Coventry University as a Lecturer in Electronic Engineering for a year before joining the University of Exeter in September 2016.

His research interests include energy harvesting from various sources, e.g. vibration, sound, wind, human movement, solar, RF, wireless power transfer etc and their applications as well as advanced materials for energy harvesting applications. He has worked on two EU FP7 projects, two EPSRC projects, three TSB (now Innovate UK) projects and several industry funded consultancy projects since 2009. Systems and devices he developed have been used in practical applications such as wind powered artwork in the Ropemaker Building in London and self-powered vibration sensors on Red Funnel ferries. He has been awarded total research funding of GBP1.07M as PI and Co-I. He has 66 publications, 4 invited talks and 1 keynote speech. The total citation is over 1000 times and his H-factor is 15.

Liuqing Wang

E-Mail: liuqing.wang [AT] foxmail.com
Telephone: 07481902943

Meiling Zhu

Position: Professor
E-Mail: m.zhu [AT] exeter.ac.uk
Telephone: 01392 725869

Prof Chris Smith

Position: Assoc Prof of Functional Materials
URL: http://www.secam.ex.ac.uk/profile/cwsmith
E-Mail: c.w.smith [AT] ex.ac.uk
Telephone: 01392 263652

Chris Smith graduated from the University of Leeds in 1992 and remained there to do a PhD in Biomaterials, graduating in 1995. He then worked as a post doctoral research fellow at the Universities of York and Exeter. He was appointed Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in January 2000, Senior Lecturer in 2006, and Associate Professor in Functional Materials in 2008.
His research interests are in adding functionality into materials (often termed 'smart' or 'intelligent' materials), via understanding and engineering of their structure and physical properties. This work has focussed on negative Poisson's ratio, zero or negative thermal expansivity, and disorder, but of late also examining negative stiffness and mass, and vibration damping. He is interested in relating internal structure to unusual physical phenomena, in both synthetic and biological materials. He has a long standing interest in Biomimetics or Bionics - the transfer of technology from biological to synthetic.

Scott Tuddenham

Position: PhD Student
E-Mail: sbt202 [AT] exeter.ac.uk

Scott Tuddenham is a member of the Energy Harvesting Group led by Professor Meiling Zhu. His main research is on Energy Harvesting transduction for aircraft energy harvesting devices. He received his BEng (hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire and then, after two years designing light aircraft at Pegasus Aviation, he received his MSc in Engineering and Management from the University of Exeter. Before rejoining the University of Exeter to research as a PhD Student he held posts at Ricardo (www.ricardo.com) designing automotive diesel and high performance gasoline engines, including electric hybrid and clean energy concepts, Eaton Aerospace (www.eaton.uk.com) designing aircraft components and systems and then Pyroban (www.pyroban.com) designing ATEX explosion prevention systems.

Yang Kuang

Position: Associate Research Fellow
E-Mail: y.kuang [AT] exeter.ac.uk
Telephone: 01392 723623

Dr Yang Kuang is an associate research fellow in the Energy Harvesting Group led by Professor Meiling Zhu. His reseach focuses on design and characterisation of wearable piezoelectric energy harvesting devices. Before joining the University of Exeter, he graduated from Central South University, China, in 2010 with a BEng and a MEng in Mechatronics. He studied his PhD in the Medical Ultrasound Group in Institue of Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT), University of Dundee between Oct. 2010 and May 2014. His PhD research in University of Dundee included design, low/high power characterisation and automatical resonant frequency tracking of ultrasond-actuated surgical instruments.

Zheng Jun Chew

Position: Associate Research Fellow
URL: https://emps.exeter.ac.uk/engineering/staff/zjc202
E-Mail: z.j.chew [AT] exeter.ac.uk

Zheng Jun Chew is a member of the Energy Harvesting Group led by Professor Meiling Zhu. His main research is on Power Management and Energy Harvester for energy harvesting devices. He has successfully developed a world leading low power full analogue maximum power point tracking for piezoelectric energy harvester which consumes 7.74uW.

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